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Baylan Megino Top 10 Percent of Most Viewed Profiles on LinkedIn 2012

First Tip to Being in the Top 10% of People Found on LinkedIn

Marketing yourself or your company requires building an online platform. “Expert” and “Trusted Authority” are words you want associated with you and your company. One of the places where you can gain most traction is on LinkedIn.

By now you know that I, Baylan Megino, joined the Top 10% of LinkedIn’s Most Viewed Profiles in 2012.¬† It wasn’t as intense as you would think.

Baylan Megino Top 10% of Most Viewed Profiles on LinkedIn 2012

Baylan Megino joins the Top 10% Of Most Viewed Profiles on LinkedIn in 2012.

Through trial and error, I built a system that helps me build my community and keep in front of them. I’ve broken down my system (which I only tap in to for 5-20 minutes each time) into 10 Keys.

You have to do the obvious: Show up, say what you do, and let them know how to contact you. Once established, efforts turn to continuing to nurture the relationship.

Have you taken advantage of the personal targetting that is possible ONLY in LinkedIn? Is it obvious to the reader how YOU can be reached?

A surprising number of people don’t have their LinkedIn presence set up properly. So check your profile for completeness: picture, summary, experience, education, certifications and awards, volunteer work, etc. Fill it all out. List your Website. And make sure it’s easy to Contact you.

After all, isn’t that the point?

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