Photo by Baylan Megino

Marketing Mindset

Baylan Megino, photo by Teri Williams

My marketing mind has been on overdrive lately helping create new avenues of exposure for clients. It’s time consuming, and I love it. For most business owners, marketing is the next to last thing they want to do – right before Sales. “Baylan, what am I doing wrong?” they ask me. “Help me!”

It’s pretty easy to find out what isn’t working. Just look at your message, listen to your customer feedback, see what areas of your business are not generating the money you want.


Check where the money might be silently slipping away. Ask yourself, “What is wrong with my business?” in order to identify the main problem area.

The better question is “What am I doing right?” This question places your mind into a creative mode. You will find more of what is going well, and therefore will identify what can be expanded or

Ask yourself, “If I could only do one thing to get more of THAT, what would I do?” Then commit to doing it consistently, like planting seeds for sunflowers to grow. Pick the seed, choose and prepare
the location, plant the seed, space the seeds consistently to make the row, water and feed regularly, and watch closely.

Some efforts will die quickly. Don’t worry about them.

Photo by Baylan Megino

Just move on to find what works well.

Some efforts will grow exactly what you want, time and time again. A very few will spin off a hybrid that can take you in a new direction. Decide if it’s where you want to go, now or later.

Most importantly, make a decision each day to be open to serving more people, and to be willing to share the gift of what you do in ways that work for all involved.

Keep planting those seeds. Once you have consistent results, you can expand to other methods and areas. Until then, get your foundation strong by doing what you do best. You’ll be happier that you  did.