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Dream Maker Summit Preview Call #DMS2017** Tuesday November 21st **

12pm  PREVIEW Call with Summit Speakers
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Dream Maker Summit 2017

gathers visionaries, leaders and entrepreneurs online from around the country and the world to discover and focus on what’s needed to rise and thrive in 2018.

The world is ever-changing.

2018 will hold significant new challenges for those of us in business. Entrepreneurs, small businesses, consultants, artists, startups – we’ll all be facing challenges we most likely haven’t faced before.

Beyond what makes you unique in your industry or in your area, how will you respond as shifting environments present new challenges?

Shift your thinking to laser-focused leadership
in your life and your work.

Meeting twice a day for five days, Summit attendees strengthen their foundations, and get centered and activated in their work and mission. (And don’t worry – 48-hour replays will be available.)

This is the time

– to recalibrate the fundamentals of life and business in whole new ways
– to focus in and decide
what needs to change,
– to activate
that change,
– and to deepen and accelerate your momentum.


Whether your organization is a for-profit, non-profit, or government agency, you’re new to business or have been around for more than five years, we encourage each person to live life in pursuit of their passions while building their dreams.

Attend the Summit to discover how to create the space and increase capabilities for your organization to thrive in 2018.

Through it all, determine how you can balance your personal and business lives.

By attending the summit roundtable discussions and interviews, participants will walk away with

New Perspectives

Solid Actionable Information

Tools to Reshape
Their Lives and Businesses
According to Their Vision.

This Summit is designed to help you
create that Dream Maker life – even in uncertain times!

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Dream Maker Summit 2017 Speakers

Dream Maker Summit 2017 Speakers

** Tuesday November 21st **

12pm  PREVIEW Call
with Summit Speakers

Listen in as our speakers give a sneak peek
at what they’ll be sharing and
why it’s important for you to attend their sessions.

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Monday November 27th

DMS Roundtable Discussion12pm
Roundtable: “What’s Spirit Got To Do With It? Dreams, Guides, Mission and Vision”
with Baylan Megino, Jennifer Navarro-Marroquin, N. Margriet Rensch, Sanny Leviste, and Yvonne Gamble

Be a fly on the wall as our speakers discuss their connection with Spirit and spirit guides. Listen as they share how that connection (or lack thereof) relates to their individual dreams, mission and vision, how their relationship to Spirit evolved to today, and how they keep that connection strong. Some of the answers may surprise you.


Jennifer Navarro-Marroquin

Jennifer Navarro-Marroquin

“Mastering Your Inner Game: Claiming Prosperity”
with Jennifer Navarro-Marroquin

You’re in business to make money, but are you reaping the rewards you want? Or are you blocking your own prosperity? Jennifer has had three companies, and realized the importance of having your own personal definition of prosperity in order for prosperity to show up in your life. She will talk about understanding your money personality and claiming your prosperity.

Jennifer Navarro-Marroquin has owned three businesses as a self-starting entrepreneur and financial professional. She owns a holistic practice in which she helps people one-on-one to become more connected to their bodies and their true purpose in life.

On this amazing path toward true prosperity, and through her professional and personal experiences, she realized that her purpose in life is to be a bridge for others on the same path. Jennifer is a bridge that supports and invites others to integrate their relationships with prosperity on the physical, mental and emotional levels. This integration allows a life lived out loud, with purpose, with prosperity flowing on every level.


Tuesday November 28th

Baylan Megino

Baylan Megino

“Dream Maker: Values, Gifts & Experiences as Tools for Building Your Dream”
with Baylan Megino

What do you bring to the table? It’s a reasonable question, but do you know the full answer? Baylan will discuss how your values, gifts, and experiences are critical pieces in shaping your life decisions.

Dream Makers are leaders in their lives because they make conscious decisions in all areas of life.

  1. Learn about the 5 environments of the Dream Maker model.
  2. Understand how the core element infuses your entire life and easily brings everything into clear focus.
  3. Learn the simple yet profound way to harness the one thing that defines your experience in each.

Baylan Megino is founder of WLA Global and Managing Partner of Asia Media Resource. She gained experience in the housing, architecture, design, international finance, and venture capital industries before breaking away from the corporate world to join a 1-man construction company. After building it to more than $1million in revenues with 13 employees, Baylan left to explore the worlds of alternative healing and personal development.

The marketing system she developed landed her in the Top 10% of Most Viewed LinkedIn Profiles. Today she manages marketing and multimedia projects, and mentors entrepreneurs and executives to create fulfilling lives of ease and peace by aligning their purpose, mission, values, message and work.


Sanny Leviste at Enactus

Sanny Leviste

“Thriving in Rapidly Shifting Environments”
with Sanny Leviste

Sanny has an uncanny way of identifying problems and finding creative ways to resolve them and turn them into opportunities. His integrative mind engages experience and wisdom culled from the martial arts, strategic planning and implementation in corporate, non-profit, academic and government environments.

He believes these are the most challenging times for those unprepared and the most exciting times for those ready and adapted to the exponential challenges and opportunities brought in by the Science, Technical, Economic, Physical, and Spiritual models/infrastructures affecting personal, corporate, and public lives.

He will discuss how to shift from merely surviving to thriving under difficult circumstances. Listen in as he addresses your concerns.

Sanny Leviste has been engaged in areas as diverse as education, public service, entrepreneurship, non-profits, music, visual communication, media production and martial arts. He possesses a depth and breadth of knowledge in numerous areas, a prodigiously creative mind, a long history of analyzing relationships and dynamics in the world, and a curiosity and willingness to learn that enables him to see opportunities, envision possibilities and strategize the path toward that vision.

Sanny’s clients have included government agencies, large corporations, non-profits, and centers of learning. His skill as an organizing visionary was evident more than 20 years ago when he created the first Master in Management Technology program in the Philippines for De La Salle Lipa. Today he consults for organizations and mentors leaders to adapt and incorporate innovation, science, technology, engineering, arts, management, and strategy.

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Wednesday November 29th

Baylan Megino

Baylan Megino

“Your Marketing Platform: Reaching Your Audience of One”
with Baylan Megino

You’re here with a message and a purpose, and you stand ready with services and products to make your impact. Do you have an overall marketing strategy? How do people find you? After that initial contact, what impression do you make when prospects search for you online? Does it give them confidence, or give them reason to pause before connecting again?

Baylan will share how she built the marketing system that brought her to the Top 10% of Most Viewed LinkedIn Profiles. This quality-versus-quantity system and approach dovetails with her Dream Maker way of living. With only 20+ minutes of her attention each day it continues to build her online presence around the world.


Silhouette Man Head 1934924-b cropped7pm
“Kickstart Your Revenue: How to Build Your Reliable Sales Machine”
with Mr. Hunter

We’ve asked Mr. Hunter (not his real name) to share how he is able to nail 15-20 new introductory appointments each month with Fortune 500 companies. Over the last 20 years he has developed a sustainable sales process with core elements that can be used by any business. Not for the faint of heart, he’ll share the 5-step business development process he employs to get those appointments every month.


Thursday November 30th

Yvonne Gamble

Yvonne Gamble

“Money Power Session: Building Business Credibility for Funding”
with Yvonne E. Gamble

The Money Power Session is designed to give you the structure and support you need to set-up your financial infrastructure to create a successful, sustainable and thriving business future.

Yvonne will share what you need for your business to be universally recognized as being financially solvent and stable, and to receive premium business loans, construction, projects, expansion financing and warehouse lines of credit for suppliers and operations.

  1. Understand why building your financial infrastructure is critical to your company’s sustainability
  2. Find out how to thrive and make the desired impact on your market
  3. Get the keys and tools to keeping financially solvent
  4. Find the Must-Have items you need in place to receive premium terms on business loans and lines of credit
  5. Know how investors universally can recognize your company as stable and solvent.

“Navigating Profit and Risk: Mitigating Financial Risk, and Planning Your Financial Fortress” with Yvonne E. Gamble

You’ve worked hard to make money, and to hold onto profits. Now find out how to mitigate the inherent risks of being in business, through the inevitable ups and downs of the business cycles.

Learn about business and personal tools available to help plan for your company’s long-term stability, and to increase your possibility of exiting debt-free and be financially independent.

Yvonne E. Gamble is CEO at SanPete Financial Group in Atlanta, GA, a Commercial Lender for business financing loans, $250K to $20bn, with their primary lending sectors in Electric Energy, Technology Development and Space Exploration. For more than 35 years, Yvonne has provided commercial financial services, emerging and developing technology, strategic planning, training, political advocacy, and policy development for both the Government and Private Sectors.

Yvonne is an accomplished Speaker, Trainer, Industrial Designer, Thought Leader and Author. She also is Founder of think tank Simplified Knowledge Institute, Executive Director of political advocate Women Leading Change Now, and Board Chair of 9TWO5 Motoring Alternative Fuels. Her books “Why Do We Communicate”, and “64 BIG Proverbial Reasons Why We Communicate”, are guides that help determine your communications’ net effectiveness on business and society.

Friday December 1st

DMS Roundtable Discussion12pm-1:30pm
“Summit Take-Home Nuggets”
Don’t miss this review of main takeaways from each session.
“Personal Tips on Balance, Decision Making, Sustainability and Completion”
We will offer some of the ways we’ve each developed over the years to get through the tough times, make the difficult decisions, meet the personal challenges, and sustain through change.

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Online from
San Francisco, CA,
Atlanta, GA, and

November 27th – December 1st
12pm-1pm and 7pm-8pm Pacific Time Zone

** NOTE: Replays will be available as long as there are no technology problems. Replay links will be sent to summit registrants only. **

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We look forward to seeing you online!